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Artman Maths Tutor, Harrow, Barnet & Brent

High quality maths tutor lessons to help take your studies to the next level! Artman Tutors provides custom maths tutor lessons tailored to the needs of every student. With both online and face to face maths tutor lessons available, we help students achieve the highest level of preparation for their studies.

Suitable for all levels of maths through primary school, high school to university, our face-to-face maths tutor lessons are available Harrow, Barnet and Brent.

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Primary School & 11 Plus Maths Tutor, Harrow, Barnet & Brent

Offering maths tutoring across Harrow, Barnet & Brent, Artman Tutors are mathematics specialists. With exceptional dedication to teaching  and advanced mathematics knowledge, we can help with every aspect of maths at every level.

Several secondary schools in the Harrow, Barnet & Brent area remain partially selective schools. This means that they administer tests to those primary school pupils wishing to join them in Year 7. These type of entrance exams are traditionally known as ’11 Plus’ tests.

Whilst fully selective grammar schools are becoming a thing of the past, there are still several high-performing partially selective schools. Competition for places in these schools can be fierce. As 11 Plus Tutors serving Harrow, Barnet & Brent, we are experienced in preparing pupils to tackle the types of questions included on these tests. Most tests have both verbal reasoning (English) and non-verbal reasoning (Maths) components and Artman Tutors can help to prepare your child for all elements they may meet so that they can enter the exam room with confidence.

There are several publications (such as Bond 11 Plus Maths) designed to assist in general preparation which are suitable to be used as practice alongside our tutoring services. We will design a tutoring package to support and develop any skills that your child is particularly struggling with.

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We have provided 11 plus tutor support for:

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A child doing maths work to represent 11 Plus Maths Tutoring Harrow, Brent & Barnet11 Plus Maths Tutor Harrow, Brent & Barnet
A Compass and protractor image representing Primary School Maths Tutor Harrow, Brent & BarnetPrimary School Maths Tutor Harrow, Brent & Barnet
A chalk board with mathematics symbols representing the services of GCSE Maths Tutor Harrow, Brent & BarnetGCSE Maths Tutor Harrow, Brent & Barnet
A Levels Maths Tutor Harrow, Brent & BarnetA Levels Maths Tutor Harrow, Brent & Barnet

Secondary School & GCSE Maths Tutor, Harrow, Barnet & Brent

Looking to polish up on your GCSE maths before your exams? Our GCSE maths tutoring service is here to help. We provide bespoke GCSE maths tutoring for high school students seeking the best results possible.

Whether you’re struggling with certain aspects of your GCSE maths course or want to best prepared for your exam, our GCSE maths tutoring service ensures you get the desired results. We offer online and face to face GCSE maths tutoring. In person tutoring for GCSE maths is available across the Boroughs of  Harrow, Barnet and Brent.

A Level Maths Tutor, Harrow, Barnet & Brent

Artman Tutors provides high quality A level maths tutoring to ensure you get the best results possible in your maths exam. With personalised tutoring developed around your exact needs, we ensure that you are fully prepared for A Level maths exam.

Whether you are struggling with certain aspects of your A Level maths course or want to brush up on coursework before the final A level exam, our tutoring service has you covered. Our A Level maths tutoring is available online and in person, with face to face tutoring available across Harrow, Barnet & Brent

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University & Undergraduate Maths Tutor, Harrow, Barnet & Brent

Artman Tutors is offers reliable university maths tutoring services for students of any level. Whether you’re in your first or final year of university, maths tutoring can be a great way to help pass your coursework or prepare for final exams.

We develop study plans based around your specific requirements, ensuring you get the best outcome for your university maths. Our university maths tutoring is available online and in person.

Artman Tutors provides bespoke undergraduate maths tuition services for students throughout London. We offer face to face tutoring for all major undergraduate maths courses along with online tuition, helping students best prepare for their coursework and exams.

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A compass and scale drawing to represent Undergraduate Maths Tutoring Harrow, Brent & BarnetPrimary, Secondary and Undergraduate Maths Tutor Harrow, Brent & Barnet